Our surveyors are very well experienced in the field of commodity inspections and sampling. In many cases, the quality of a certain commodity will be determined as per visual inspection. In several cases however, the quality of a certain commodity will be determined by a combination of visual inspection and sampling, possible to combine with analyses carried out by a fully equipped professional laboratory. Our company is very well experienced and equipped to carry out visual inspection and sampling before, during and after loading and/or discharging bulk cargo’s into/ex deep-sea vessels, short sea vessels, barges & containers and pre-inspections on stockpiled materials. We can carry out the same inspection & sampling services on warehouse stored commodities. Furthermore we have professional equipment to check if commodities are free of radio-activity.

Marine Inspection and Logistics International Rotterdam BV is DGFT listed and therefore approved to issue DGFT pre-shipment certificates with regard to materials bound for export to India loaded in Europe, USA, Canada and Caribbean Area.