In November 2001, Mr. John Monticello and Mid-Ship Marine formed Marine Inspectionand Logistics, LLC. (M.I.L.), one of the most professional cargo inspection and surveying companies in the United States. During this time, M.I.L. has grown considerably and now has regional offices in the USA in New Jersey, Savannah, New Orleans and San Diego and Global offices in China and Istanbul.

Since December 2006, Mr. Ivo Dolk (leaving the Alex Stewart Assayers Group of companies as General Manager) formed a partnership with Marine Inspection and Logistics, LLC., establishing Marine Inspection and Logistics International Rotterdam B.V., expanding the services into North / Middle and South-Europe, Scandinavian-countries, Baltic-countries, Middle-East, S.E. Asia and Far-East.

January 1st 2010 Mr. Rob van der Palm joined MIL International Rotterdam B.V. as Managing Partner. Mr. Rob van der Palm was globally full time involved in steelscrap metal inspections and marine surveys for more than 19 years and besides that he was additionally involved in the recycling industry processing steelscrap for more than 10 years. All together his experience in the recyclingindustry and the commodity and marine inspection industry is therefore approx 29 years.