Marine Inspections and Logistics (Rotterdam) B.V. is an independent, internationally recognized, inspection company, specialized in commodity inspections and marine surveys. The company can provide services around the globe and is specialized in various commodities such as: Ferrous and Non Ferrous Steel Scrap, Metals & Minerals, DRI, HBI, Ferro Alloys.

Member of M.R.F. & B.I.R. & M.R.A.I.

International and independent inspection company


specialty in hbi/dri shipments

Specialized services are offered in the area of safe storage, handling and
shipping of HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron) and DRI (Direct Reduced Iron).

Offered services comprise of;

Vessel suitability survey’s,
  • Supervision of vessel preparation for carrying HBI/DRI cargoes,
  • Loading supervision covering; Quality inspections, supervision to safe storage, handling
    and loading of DRI/HBI (in full accordance with IMO-regulations).
  • Super-cargo attendance during voyage of DRI shipments (in full accordance with IMO-regulations).

Draft Surveys

Archimedes’ principle is the basic principle of the weight determinations (“Draft Surveys”) on bulk cargo’s loaded and/or discharged, into or ex short sea and deep-sea bulk cargo vessels. The combination of experienced draft surveyors, correct hydrostatic data, the assistance of the vessel’s officers and certain basic requirements regarding the ballast position of the particular vessel, makes it possible to determine the weight of a bulk cargo in an accurate way.

“Archimedes’ principle is the fundamental natural law of buoyancy, first identified by the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes in the 3d century BC. It states that any object floating upon or submerged in a fluid is buoyed upward by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.”

Barge Gauging

With the same basic principle as described under vessel draft surveys, however with some different means, it is possible to determine the weight of bulk materials loaded and/or discharged into motor-barges & push barges. Our surveyors are fully qualified and certified to carry out the above weight determination.


Besides inspection on quality and weight, we can offer experienced supervision services on loading and discharging commodities / cargo handling with regard to stowage, trimming of cargo, securing/lashing of cargo, cleanliness of holds & containers and all other specific issues which may be relevant for the particular commodity / cargo involved. Furthermore we can offer weighing supervision, in case the weighing of the particular commodity / cargo will be carried out per truck or wagon weighing bridge.

Quality inspection & sampling

Our surveyors are very well experienced in the field of commodity inspections and sampling. In many cases, the quality of a certain commodity will be determined as per visual inspection. In several cases however, the quality of a certain commodity will be determined by a combination of visual inspection and sampling, possible to combine with analyses carried out by a fully equipped professional laboratory. Our company is very well experienced and equipped to carry out visual inspection and sampling before, during and after loading and/or discharging bulk cargo’s into/ex deep-sea vessels, short sea vessels, barges & containers and pre-inspections on stockpiled materials. We can carry out the same inspection & sampling services on warehouse stored commodities. Furthermore we have professional equipment to check if commodities are free of radio-activity.

Marine Inspection and Logistics International Rotterdam BV is DGFT listed and therefore approved to issue DGFT pre-shipment certificates with regard to materials bound for export to India loaded in Europe, USA, Canada and Caribbean Area.


Besides Draft Surveys, our surveyors are qualified to carry out Bunker Surveys, Hold / Hatch Condition Surveys, On / Off Hire Surveys, Damage Surveys.


  • General Cargo Surveys
  • Tally Inspections
  • Stockpile Audits
  • Stockpile Volume Surveys
  • Cargo Damage Surveys
  • Packing Surveys
  • Advise with regard to transport-loading-logistics-documentation-certification as per letter of credit requirements.


We will issue relevant certificates for all the services we provide. Our certificates are the assurance of integrity and experience and are accepted and respected in the field of commodity trading and shipping by sellers, buyers, banks and governments. We are certified in order to issue PSI certificates for Indonesia and are able to offer approved DGFT certification for India. Marine Inspections and Logistics Rotterdam B.V. is member of M.R.F. (Metal Recycling Federation), B.I.R. (Bureau of International Recycling) and M.R.A.I. (Metal Recycling Association of India).


In November 2001, Mr. John Monticello and Mid-Ship Marine formed Marine Inspection and Logistics, LLC. (M.I.L.), one of the most professional cargo inspection and surveying companies in the United States.

Since December 2006, Mr. Ivo Dolk (leaving the Alex Stewart Assayers Group of companies as General Manager) formed a partnership with Marine Inspection and Logistics, LLC., establishing Marine Inspection and Logistics International (Rotterdam) B.V., expanding the services into North/Middle and South-Europe, Scandinavian-countries, Baltic-countries, Middle-East, S.E. Asia and Far-East.

January 1st 2010 Mr. Rob van der Palm joined MIL International (Rotterdam) B.V. as Managing Partner . Rob van der Palm was globally involved in steel scrap inspections and marine surveys for more than 24 years and besides that he was additionally involved in processing steel scrap for more than 10 years. All together his experience in steel scrap is therefore approx 34 years.

Since 2016 all the shares of Marine Inspection and Logistics International Rotterdam BV (with offices in Rotterdam, Dubai, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur) are owned by mr. Ivo Dolk and mr. Rob van der Palm. In order to provide global services, there is a clear operational cooperation between Marine Inspection and Logistics International Rotterdam BV and Marine Inspections LLC in USA.

Besides this MIL International (Rotterdam) BV has a strong network of companies in most strategic ports worldwide , which we can subcontract on our behalf, whenever necessary.

Our main activities include the inspection of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap , HBI and DRI products and Marine Survey Inspections such as Draft Surveys, On/Off Hire Surveys, Bunker Surveys, Hold/Hatch Condition Surveys.

In addition we are also involved in the surveying / inspection / sampling of  other commodities such as Cement, Fluorspar, Sulphur, Soda Ash, Mineral Sands, Vermiculite, Ferro Alloys and other industrial metals & minerals. Our surveyors are also qualified to perform vessel & cargo damage surveys and bulk stockpile and commodity audits.

Ivo Dolk - Rob van der Palm


Marine Inspection And Logistics International Rotterdam BV

Tuinlaan 48
3111 AW Schiedam


P.O. BOX 12112
3004 GC Rotterdam
The Netherlands



T +31 (0)10 246 09 55
F +31 (0)10 246 92 75

Monday to Friday 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs

After office opening hours we can be reached on the following mobile telephone numbers:

Rob van der Palm
Managing Partner
+31 (0) 610 930 212

Ivo Dolk
Managing Partner
+31 (0) 651 564 499

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam no. 24404209
VAT number NL 8171 89488.B01
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